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Family Portrait Review

Tara not only photographed our wedding but also photographed our family portraits when we welcomed our baby girl. She came to our home and spent some time capturing our daughter and showed us off as new parents too! We even got some cool shots of our dog! We highly recommend Tara for for both her wedding and family portrait photography.

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Family Portrait Review

Completely in love with our little girl and the newborn photo shoot we had done! Tara Parekh you are absolutely talented! Thank you for capturing this very special time in our life! Cannot wait to work with you again!

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Wedding Review

A photographer told be that when you select a photographer chose one where you look at the photos and think, WOW! The exceptional photographers I passed over were amazing, doing intimate portraits and could cover different skin tones and candid moments.

Tara was a referral from a friend. When I looked at her website and Instagram I felt drawn into the spaces. She plays with light and really sets up the context of the photo so the photo's story includes the space. You might want a photographer who captures stray hairs and laugh lines. For me because of our outdoor venue and love of flowers I wanted that to be part of the wedding story too. I wanted thoughtful shots not just clean shots.

I recommend her without hesitation. And I'll pass on the advice I was given. Look at her photos, if you think wow - that's beautiful, if your eye lingers on photos, Tara is for you. She's on time, professional, unbelievable fast and constantly composing the next shot.

Wedding Review

Tara is so much more than a photographer. She is one of those rare people who you consider a best friend despite having just meet. She came to our wedding as both a guest and photographer and stayed with us for the days leading up to and after the wedding. It was the perfect time for Tara to meet my family and capture images of the moments leading up to the big day. During her week stay with us, she became a permanent family member. My family still keeps in touch with her. :)

Having planned my entire wedding myself, I was having a little project manager stress on the big day. Tara's calming presence dissipated any stress I had earlier in the day. She was even able to steal my husband and I away for 5 minuets to do a private photo shoot (it was the perfect breather from the whirlwind of the day).

When we received the final edited photos I was shocked by the variety of shots. She seemingly cloned herself to capture photos of everything going on. I have photos every aspect of the day. I couldn't have asked for more. The photos of my husband and I are amazing.


Wedding Review

Tara is the best in the business. She shot my sister's engagement and wedding photos 4 years ago and as soon as I got engaged, she was the first vendor we booked. Tara spent a lot of time answering questions about her services and was very good at communicating. She traveled from DC to Charlottesville (about 2.5 hours) for our wedding without any complaints. Her style of photography is unique and gorgeous. She captured so many beautiful moments of joy for both our engagement photos and wedding photos. Tara was our favorite vendor. We couldn't have asked for a better photographer to shoot our wedding and spend intimate moments of our wedding day with. We will treasure our photos for years to come.

Wedding and Family Portrait Review

The quality of Tara's photography is above and beyond any other photographer I have experienced or hired. She captured our wedding photos (We had three weddings, in three different states; she was our local wedding photographer.). Out of all three weddings, her photos came out the best for sure. Everyone in our family was so impressed!!! So impressed even that when my sister in law was in town this past summer, she brought her kids and we did family portraits with Tara as well!

Tara's photography style is classic and elegant, also very crisp and clean and vivid. Poses and scene setups are natural. Tara really manages to capture the best moments!! She also makes it look effortless, even though I know she spends so much time after the photos are taken editing each one and making sure it is perfect!! Thank you Tara!!! :)

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Event Review

We hired Tara again (she also photographed our wedding) to do our graduation photos (my husband and I graduated a day apart with our master's degrees). She would often wait for other folks to pass by jut to get a photo of us with no one in the background. We had some religious Muslim family members who didn't want to be touched/posed by the photographer and Tara was very sensitive to this and very respectful. The photos are amazing!

Wedding Review

We hired Tara a year in advance to photograph our wedding in October. She was absolutely fantastic. First, the price point is great for what we got--an engagement session and complete access to our photos. We had lots of compliments on our photos--people said they were really crisp, but also had an artistic quality to some of them (you don't get that from all photographers). Here are the two things that stand out for me: She really knows wedding photography. She is a pro and will organize your wedding party and make sure that you have a very complete set of photos. I was in a wedding this summer and the photographer barely helped organize the shots. At our wedding, Tara was constantly moving us around, giving us suggested poses, giving us directions about where to stand and who to face. She told us how to organize our hotel room and showcase the "details" in advance so that it would look better for the photos. Trust me, this is worth it. Our shots look very coordinated. She may seem quiet at first, but she was very good about giving us directions or calling one of us out and saying "Look here for a second!" She even pulled us out of our cocktail hour for just 4 minutes so she could take an epic shot outside our wedding venue. Secondly, she was everywhere during our wedding. This might seem obvious, but I've been to weddings where this wasn't the case. At every moment she was kneeling, bending, standing on chairs just to get the shot she wanted. We have pictures from every single moment in our wedding, often from unique angles. I highly recommend Tara!